TS investigation - pending

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I have had a secret clearance for the last 4 years. I will be approaching my 5th year now.
I work on a federal contract.

When receiving my secret, I got an interim 2 months after completing my SF86 & my final 6 months after.
Only had one issue on my investigation which was a 16k hospital bill that was later taken care of by insurance.

I applied for a GS job in December, was selected & just did my SF86 for my TS/SCI two weeks ago. Two days ago I received my waiver to start working at the command(is this considered “interim”)? My LT says that in order to get that waiver that means all of my documents and SF86 were “favorable”

Also - whole interview went good!! Had a few things on there we talked about and I genuinely felt good until she started asking questions about things that were ‘found

She mentioned 3 “large transactions” aprx. 2 months apart back in 2014-2015. WEIRD. I’m gonna be honest; I’m broke lol.
I work a lot and keep my head above water. When I mentioned the only time I have a few thousand come in at a time is during tax time she asked me what I usually get, I told her between 3-6k now that I have a child (which I didn’t have when I got my secret) she told me no they were large transactions. She didn’t and wouldn’t tell me amounts, didn’t even mention the financial institution (I am a member of two small credit unions) I also mentioned I use to have an account with an ex that we would transfer our saved money around when we moved and bought our furniture, and I also mentioned a 6K private loan I took out for school.

Apparently she was wanting big stuff, which never in my life gave I personally dealt or had that much money. ( I also use to work at a bank so I know rules on large transactions and rules for reporting the money )

After we hung up she immediately called back and was like oh could it have been large transactions for a business… my answer ABSOLUTELY NOT. I don’t even own a business :woman_facepalming:t3:

My question is, after a pretty boring and simple interview(fairly fast) do you think she said that to just see if I would say something I might have “forgotten” I have spoke to many colleagues, one of which says he was asked something similar and it was false too. Everyone has believed it to be a trick question. Is this a thing?

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Sounds like some transaction is showing on your financial report. I have seen it happen before that the transaction is not for my subject but someone with a similar name or relative etc. A lot of times it’s for paying a car loan or something the subject forgets about or the sale of a home or inheritance.

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It could also be something for like an auto loan if you got that through your CU. I had a weird anomaly show up where there were some $2500 transactions on Western Union that had used my phone number or something like that, they never told me the details.

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No. They were working off information they had access too. They don’t make this stuff up.


Thanks! I’m going to try to not think as much about it as I am confident it wasn’t me. I was 21 at the time she is saying it happened, and super broke then. Never even had 10k or more in my own account. Just got my mind thinking but I have done my research with my credit unions and I had no activity like she mentioned. I was genuinely curious just because I have a lot of coworkers and friends that hold a TS/SCI and they did say they were asked funny financial stuff that was absolutely bot theirs or true.

Thanks, yeah! I checked with both of my credit unions.
Nothing, Nada, zip!
Soooo weird. Whats even weirder is there are other instances where I know people were asked similar questions but they mentioned the amount, and institution name & my investigator would not.

Unfortunately no inheritance LOL! I wish. I checked with both of my credit unions though & there is nothing on there. I am almost sure she meant 10k & up because that is what is meant when she said “large transaction” even my 6k Loan wasn’t large enough to what she was referring to. Just threw me for a loop.