Interim TS granted PRSI scheduled

I currently have my final Secret I’ve had it for a few years but my former employer required we all get SSBIs a year ago I left a month after but the investigation was still open I got called today for an interview with the investigator. I know I was granted the Interim TS in June I think my SF86 was put in around April. I know they interviewed former coworkers of mine a few months ago as well. I’m not sure what to expect I know when other ppl had it they asked for two coworkers at your current employer as well but my interviewer said she just wanted to go over my sf86. I’m lost and not sure what to expect. I interned at DHS this year I passed suitability there and I was recently approved for a SAP program.

This is interesting because the question comes up from time to time, what happens to an investigation after you leave a job?

So it sounds like you left about a year ago (more or less) and the investigation is still going.

Maybe the SAP access kept it going. Anyway a subject interview for a TS is pretty routine if not an actual requirement.

I’ve been gone since May and I found out in June the TS investigation was still open but I didn’t hear anything about an interview until around Thanksgiving. My roommate told me he got called as well.