Conflicting info in credit reports

First off, the information on this forum has been very helpful.

I have been offered a job with NOAA for a low risk public trust position.

I filled out the OF-306 and then was invited to complete the E-QIP. I completed the e-qip and submitted the fingerprint cards on 3/22. I really do not think I’ll have any issues since I have worked at the same job for 20 years, lived in the same house for 17 years, no credit issues (a 822 credit score) and never had any interaction with law enforcement.
However today I looked at my credit report just to see if it had been pulled yet (it hasn’t) and seen that the credit report has listed a prior office address as a prior home address. My company has moved twice in the past 10 years and since I am the president, I always have to sign the leases and company credit agreements. Of course those are always using the company’s office address. I think the credit bureaus confuse my professional life with my home life. It is pretty hard to keep them separated.

What I am wondering is will this delay background investigation? I have not been able to get a sense of how long this should take.

Thanks for any insights offered.

It won’t affect it. Nothing to worry about.

Your company address should be listed as your employment address - this is easy to explain.

There is no such thing as low risk public trust. If you filled out an SF-85 it is low risk nonsensitive and no credit check is involved. If you filled out an SF-85P then you are in either a moderate or high risk public trust.position and credit is pulled.

That’s good to know. The e-qip questions mirrored the SF-85 so it only went back 5 years. It shouldn’t be too hard for them to verify the information, but as we all know, the gears of government turn slowly.

Do you think they will contact each of my references for a check like this? So far, none has been contacted.

Thanks again for your input.

they will not. they will see if you have any arrests using your prints and thats it.