Equip active accounts

I’ve been at my job since the sf85 was submitted 2 years ago. None of my contacts listed were called or nor did my credit check was pulled.

I’ve applied for a higher grade Govt and was sent a link to opm equip. When trying to register my ssn, it keeps saying that it’s already registered. When I called the sponsoring agency they said to call psip customer service for assistance. She also said that I might still have the active investigation for the tier 1. How do I check status on the first one.?

So confused.

No credit checks are done for a Tier 1/SF85.

What is psip? Did they give you a number?

Hopefully your investigation has not fallen into some black hole… in the old days they used to talk about ‘falling behind the filing cabinet’ but I’m sure there has to be some kind of digital equivalent.

You have to call OPM to check the status of a Tier 1 investigation.

I highly doubt you have an active investigation from the SF85 you submitted two years ago: A Tier 1 is a glorified records check.

As for your problems, you’ll also need to contact the person who recently initiated you into the e-QIP system.

Yeah but it sounds like they punted to this psip thing.

Interesting. I thought I saw someone posted their credit were pulled in tier 1. So does anypne get contacted in a tier 1?

psi-coe is the agency that sends a request for background check

I work for army as a govt and the new job I applied for requires tier 3. I called HR and said they couldnt assist with the OPM and told me to contact the customer service that handles the account. But the customer service center is closed due to covid 19 so i have to email their organization mailbox. I’m still waiting for a reply since yesterday.

A standard Tier 1 does not include a credit bureau report (CBR) ; however, DoD requires that a CBR be added to all their Tier 1 investigations. There may be some other agencies that also require it. A standard Tier 1 includes some letter inquiries send to employers, employment supervisors and others (depending on an applicant’s background). If your Tier 1 was initiated by a DoD agency, there should be a JPAS record on you, which contains your investigative and adjudicative history. You can request a copy by using the form posted at https://www.dcsa.mil/Portals/91/Documents/Contact/FOIA/UPDATED%2020190627%20PSA_PA_Request_Proactive_v3.0.pdf. It take about a week to get it.

It turns out that the agency had inputted my SSN incorrectly in the system. I am now in the middle of completing my eqip for Tier 3.

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Oh man!!! Not the first time. I used to work at a place and the Big Boss had been waiting literally years to have his periodic update adjudicated. Finally somebody noticed that two numbers in his SSN were transposed. Can’t believe that went unnoticed for so long!

At least you are back on track!