NACI Teir 1 background check


I am a military spouse that applied for a job with CPAC on post. My National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI/T1) is pending and is taking abnormally longer than usual. I know what the cause is but is hoping it won’t be a hindrance from me getting the job. I have a felony charge on my background that was sealed in the state of GA due to the First Offenders Act and misdemeanor shoplifting from 26 years ago. I also have high balances on my credit report.

As for the sealed record, I am completely exonerated and should not be considered to have a criminal conviction in the public or private sector.

My question is, can this stop me from getting the job?

Let me guess…you interpreted that to mean you were not required to report it? If you did not then you will have a candor concern. So they can deny you based on the felony if they feel it is relevant, and they can deny based on it not being disclosed, if you did not disclose. I am obviously speculating based on you not addressing if you did or did not disclose.

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No, you’ve guessed wrong. I told them about it before and tried to enter it on the form but it asked me if I committed a felony or arrested that they had me to fill out. I’ve answered truthfully to all questions and I made sure to make them aware of it.

expunged records don’t mean you didn’t have an issue. for government work, Even if the record is expunged, they ask have you ever… in the private sector you are correct, but those rules don’t apply to public.

The only time you have to disclose felonies sealed are for government clearances.

I am guessing it happened in the last 10 years… it has to be adjudicated on the base level and approved by the commander, I am glad you explained it so hopefully they get some understanding before jumping to conclusions AND it shows candor, they freeze ANY felony charge in the last decade. Even if not a threat.

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When you say you “tried” to enter it on the form, sounds like you were not successful. You get bonus points for it being on the form, in addition to the interview (if interviewed). A charge from 26 years prior should be considered mitigated. Maybe. Depending on nature and type of event, victim, industry etc. For instance if you had a felony food poisoning charge, and you now wanted a cleared culinary position (plenty of them) it might be more difficult. That is a long time between the event and now. If you were absolutely upfront and did get it on the form, you have a decent chance of clearing. They may need additional info on the situation.