Tier 1 Equip Background Check

I work for I.H.S., I was cleared by OPM on 28 JUN 2017. Now the IHS security manager is asking for Domestic Dispute court records, Military Police Records (from 1995) and police reports from 22 years ago. I was never convicted or found guilty of anything and nothing involved children. I was also cleared through OPM in 2012 to work with children. I was reading

I was reading some guidelines at clearancejobs.com where it stated that a Tier 1 investigation was only to go back 5 years. Is this true? I don’t even know where to begin to look for some of the things they are asking for, but I do not want to lose my job. I have run into a lot of incompetent individuals since I started working at IHS almost a year ago hence, the reason I am doubting them.

I have had a secret clearance, an Alabama FBI check to teach school, and passed an Equip background check in 2013. All of this was “after” the dates for which they are requesting the documents.

Thank you in advance!