SSBI Periodic's?


I just got a favorable SSBI about 2 weeks ago with the OPM/NBIB contract as a Reviewer. I eventually want to get a Top Secret (or any clearance at all) and heard that an SSBI may or may not help. I was wondering if people with SSBI’s get periodically reinvestigated or if I have to try and finnagle and convince an agency that they can use my SSBI only within the 2 year time limit. I do want to stay with CACI for some time but I also would like a clearance.

You’ll need a PR just like everyone else. When it’s been (x) amount of years since your last investigation, you need one. (I say “x” because the requirement seems to be changing constantly. And agencies are evaluating the usefulness of continuous evaluation.)

Your SSBI (more likely a T5) is used to adjudicate up to the TS level. Once you leave a position that requires a T5 investigation, the two year clock starts ticking. In theory, an agency should be able to use that T5 if you wanted to transfer to somewhere else while you’re in your present position, or if you’re in that two year window… unless they’re IC. Or possibly CBP. Or FBI. or State. or USSS. Plus others. They do their own thing.

PERFECT!! You answered all my questions and more. I’ll screen shot this and email to myself for a reminder. Yeah I knew about the other agencies doing their own thing. I went through the cbp process and read up that some agencies have their own standards. And yeah it was a t5. Interview and everything. Funny thing is that I got the vibe that they didnt want me to know what I was getting. They have a rule that you have to work at least a year there or else they make you pay 5k for the expidite fee. So it seems like before, people were finding other stuff to work on when they got a T5. Thanks for your input @datesnotrecalled