Clearance time/information

So I was interviewed for a prsi for a TIER 5 investigation. My entire process took less than 5 months and the report is completed. My question to all the experts isn’t this ssbi suppose to take much longer and will I have access to my investigation once it’s adjudicated. They never interviewed my 4 personal references and I believe they only verified 2 of my last 12 places I’ve worked in 10 years.
Thanks for any feedback

The process has evolved considerably since the Subject interview was last called a PRSI.

Five months is doing well. You case was open/closed and adjudicated. Congrats!

Thanks backgdinvestigator, do you know how I can get a copy of my investigation?

Google “how do I get my OPM background investigation report” and you will go to form and address.

Off subject but I just had my interview, the investigator asked if I had police activity at my current address, I have not, but is this a normal question to ask. I didn’t see it on the Form SF86

This is normal. The "extra"questions during the Subject interview, in general, are giving you the opportunity to volunteer information before it is discovered during the investigation.