Bo closed a month what

My TS/SSBI OPM investigation closed 21 Aug; now I am awaiting DODCAF for a decision. So is it true some have closed within 90 days, tops? Maybe 60 days left for me to get TS/SCI since I waited a month already since 21 Aug?

(I had my 2nd PRSI interview w/ NBIB in Mid-July this year and BI closed 21 Aug after it was in adjudication! Ha)

My investigation closed 117 days ago and I have still yet to hear a determination on my clearance. If this 90 day timeframe is indeed true, I think it may be from when your adjudicator is actually assigned and begins working on your case. Once closed I believe that you case goes into a queue until it is assigned to an adjudicator, and I think that might be when this 90 day timeframe starts. I could be wrong, but that is what I have gather from scanning this and various other websites.

I know for a fact my adjudicator has been working on my case since 6/21/18, so I will report back because my “90 days” will be up this week.

Wait. Wait. Wait. Are you asking about initial or periodic reinvestigations?

Yes it is possible. Mine adjudicated in 7 days from closure.