Question about NBIB Favorably Adjudicated Clearance

I have a security clearance with my previous company but not sure what type and level. It was stated as “a favorable decision on NBIB investigation”. My question is that a favorably adjudicated clearance could be considered as a secret clearance? I am told that if I have a secret clearance, I would be offered a new job. Thanks for your advice.

You would know if you had a security clearance because of the NDA and continuing awareness training. You might have been the Subject of a public trust background investigation - which is not a security clearance background investigation.

Thank you Backgdinvestigator. How about SSBI? Is it considered a secret clearance?

I think SSBIs are normally associated with TS and TS//SCI clearances.

Please use current terminology. Tier 5 replaced the SSBI 3 years ago.

The Tier 5 (T5) which replaced the SSBI is for critical sensitive national security positions. This does not mean you have a clearance, but it does mean you have been adjudicated to the TS level.

The great misconception is that if you go through a T5 that you automatically get a TS or need a TS. The T5 means you are filling a position that can have critical impact on national security. An example is the MAVNI and foreign linguist programs. They go through the T5 to vet their background before being allowed access to the military - they normally will not have a security clearance.

Another example are federal law enforcement agents. Many are identified as critical positions but do not necessarily need/have access to top secret material. They may not have access to any security information or they may only need secret access.

Please focus on your case type. Focusing on the clearance level might raise flags about why you are concerned about needing access to that information.

Interesting! If the Tier 5 is granted, then why the applicants are not automatically granted TS clearance? What other steps necessary in order for Tier 5 applicants to receive TS clearance?

Good to know, thanks. the company that recently hired me repeatedly referrs to it as an SSBI, so I assumed the terms were interchangeable.

The requirement is the need for access to TS materials. Not every Tier 5 subject has that need.