Tier 4 PT vs Tier 5 PT

Both being PT…is the difference minor or extensive?

Tier 5 is not Public Trust.

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Tier 4 is public trust. Applicants under this tier will initiate their security vetting using SF85P (or SF85P-S if carrying a weapon).

Tier 5 is national security. SF86 gets used under this tier.

Tier 5 investigations require the national security questionnaire (SF 86).

The Tier 5 is a type of investigation.

So are all tier 5 top secret clearances?
Because cbp officers go through a tier 5 but don’t hold a clearance.

No, not all Tier 5 investigations grant a TS.

All TS clearances require a Tier 5 investigation. Critical and sensitive positions might require a Tier 5 investigation, but not need to grant a TS clearance.

So, if you go through a Tier 5 investigation that we all know, that is not PT.
What clearance level is it?
Secret or Top secret?

T5 is TS, T3 is Secret.