Background Invesitgator Leading to Clearance? Or just an investigation.

I have read a bit upon the clearance levels required to be a BI. It seems that often BI positions require a favorably adjudicated T5 but not an adjudicated TS.

I see contractors like CSRA with BI programs with DHS/Intel/OPM. I was wondering if I could expect to receive a TS if I applied to such a program? Honestly, a full TS would be a large benefit to the supposedly low pay and long hours so it is fairly important.

As well, I would like to know, is a favorably adjudicated T5 of any use for positions that require a TS or would one just be looked at like a person with no clearance but the ability to obtain one.

Yes . . . You will need a favorably adjudicated T5 investigation. But, the job doesn’t require a TS so you don’t get read in to a clearance.

Remember, the investigation applies to you personally but the clearance applies to the job not the person.

This is strange, since the job specifically says ability to obtain/maintain a TS security clearance. It sort of implies that the job does need one.

Actually . . . It’s not strange at all . . . Remember, clearance goes with the job, not the person. An investigator must have the ability (whatever that means) to obtain and maintain a TS clearance. But, the job, generally, does not require that clearance so an investigator does not have access to classified information.

Thanks for your responses. So of what use would the favorable T5 be to other companies? Should I expect it to help get a job the requires a TS. For example, if a company wants people with a TS, am I good, or am I just like a person with no clearance to them because they’d have to sponsor all over again.

That’s harder to answer. It depends partly on the company that you are trying to move to and partly on the government and partly on when you are looking. It’s really on a case-by-case basis.