NBIB/OPM has adjudicated the TS yet I don't have one

I want to start off by saying that I have never had a TS nor I have never done this process.
I just recently graduated and I have no experience with any level of clearance.

So, I was given an offer letter back in December 2018 With Perpecta previous name Key Point Solution. I submitted my forms for a TS and in May, I received a letter saying that my investigation was compleated and they concluded a favorable decision. I thought that meant that they granted me the TS. Perspecta drops my offer letter due to slow workflow in my area. So I applied for another job and the contacted me telling me that I don’t have a TS and to contact the company who sponsored my TS. Perspecta said that my investigation was closed my the NBIB/OPM with a favorable adjudicated yet, I don’t have one but that
" The favorable adjudication of a T5 investigation gives eligibility to obtain a TS if needed"
My question is:
what does this mean?
How do I explain this to an Employer?
Do I even mention that a TS adjudicated?
Do I even have a TS?

I have always heard that Investigators with Perspecta don’t have an actual TS. It’s favorably adjudicated up to a TS but it’s not one that is “turned on” per say. I think you have a secret clearance in JPAS but not a TS.

JPAS is the Dept of Defense system. OPM uses their CVS (clearance verification system). You can/should let your employer know that the adjudication was through OPM and is the CVS.

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Favorably adjudicated is the technically correct yet completely awkward way of answering “yes” to a TS clearance requirement. You aren’t currently sponsored by a company or government office requiring it…but you were favorably adjudicated, meaning you meet the stringent standards required. Technically nobody has a clearance we all have eligibility. The clearance is with a position, not a person. So if you say “I have a favorably adjudicated for a T5,” you are giving the correct answer.