Can An Adjudication Be Picked Up?

Hey All,

Quick question. So I had a clearance in adjudication with one of the IC organizations for a position that I had been offered. Had sat for poly in early Feb, and investigation had been closed and submitted for adjudication (after an additional information request) in March.

Well, due to COVID, the position was closed and, as of September, I was informed that the position was no longer being filled and that they had stopped processing my clearance. I was able to confirm with them that the clearance was neither approved nor denied, but because the position was no longer open, they were just stopping it.

I’m now moving to a private contractor, which will require me to get the same clearance (same organization and everything).

My question is, do you think it’s possible that they can just use the investigation, poly, and everything from before (early 2020) and pick it up, or is likely that I’m going to have to start from scratch? I’d really just hate to have to go through it all again and start from scratch given I’m already over a year into that process.

Figured it was worth throwing out to see if anyone had some insight! Thank you!

Since it is the same organization they can probably reuse a lot of the earlier work, but I’ll bet you will have to fill out a whole new set of forms.

I would say there is a good chance that the process should go a little more quickly but you’ll probably have to wait for a whole new adjudication process.

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Awesome, thank you. I have no problem filling out new forms, just a pain waiting on all the time. But hey, that’s the name of the game!

Is your new position the same as the old one?
If not, you could require a new investigation.

Clearances and the required investigation are tied to the position.

Not the same position, no. One was direct for the IC organization, one is for a contractor serving a contract to that organization, both using the same clearance (both level and granting agency).

Hopefully they can use some of the info!

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May I please hijack this thread with a similar question?

I applied and was offered a position with an IC contractor, I had left this customer to go to the DoD and was now trying to return to the IC (same customer/mission as previous). My package went up for Adjudication but the company received word that I would require ‘extended adjudication’. As a result of this the company filled the spot with someone else BUT they told me…and I have the e-mails saved…that they were allowing the Clearance/Adjudication process to continue. This happened mid/late December and I’ve not received ANY documentation, requests for remarks, SOR’s or anything.

If my package is in the Adjudication phase but the company no longer has my name put against the position…will said adjudication continue going until they issue a result or is the company blowing smoke?

A company can still put someone in for a clearance without the applicant being in that position I believe. They might just have you in pending status towards the same position or another similar position that requires that clearance…until you are adjudicated perhaps. As far as not receiving any documentation…that is weird…did they have you fill out a new SF86? Or were they able to use a previous investigation to determine that you require an “extended adjudication.”? If you have the contact info for your FSO at your current employer or the IC employer, see if you can reach out and have them check whether an investigation is open for that IC client (FSO must have access to Scattered castles or JPAS).

Apologies - I did a full SF86 with an interview in Aug roughly, as well as a Poly. The result of my poly was ‘unresolved’ but was put forward with, so far, no requests for another poly.

I have been in a FVEY country from '05 to '20 and my now ex-wife is a Foreign National, kids dual citizens, friends & in-laws are FN’s as well…so on and so forth.

When I said that I’ve received no documentation I meant to say that I have not received any Interrogatory Requests, Statement of Reasons, requests for details, new/2nd poly, etc.

No worries. Check out this thread as my latest response is similar in regards to your situation -

That is odd that you have not been asked to take another poly, maybe perhaps they determined it was “inconclusive”. Usually if folks get denied or have inconclusive results from one agency in regards to their Poly (maybe sometimes even investigations), they can still apply with another agency and might be able to obtain a clearance with that agency as each agency, especially if it is 3 letters, kinda does their own adjudication assessment and poly (if needed). Or maybe they put your Poly on the back burner for another time. See if you can obtain more info about whether or not you are still in the investigation/adjudication process.

Lesseon Learned - don’t be afraid to reach out and respectfully check on things.

“…got off the phone with the personnel security division and they say your case is being assigned to an adjudicator. I thought it was already in adjudication; however, they inform me that it was and is now back”

After reading the blog post on here about the Daily Life of a BI Adjudicator I’m now wondering what or when something might break loose.

Good stuff. Don’t overthink it. Keep the candor and intentions right and you will be alright. As I said similarly before, Only you would know you best as to what is in your background…and what they may have uncovered…even after your poly…which may have not been or maybe it is satisfactory in their eyes. Only time will tell…

I’d be curious to know how much of a ‘load’ each Adjudicator is working under on a daily basis. The article mentions 30-50 adjudications a day but I wonder what their queue is like and their SOP e.g. first-in, first-out, priority based, etc.

Yeah same here. Probably a specification system set up. Or they prioritize feds first, or someone with the fewest flags. Might be one of those internal need to know type of things, but from what I assume, it is a queue pile and a lot of paper weight that may get put on the back burner for any reason they deem to get back to.