Question about SC

I’m new to the IC community so I have a few questions that haven’t been answered. I don’t have an FSO to go to, only a recruiter that does not have access to any of this information. I had a clearance in JPAS, but it was moved over to SC at the beginning of the month. With that being said, I still haven’t gotten an adjudication or final offer. So my questions:

If I’ve been moved up to SC from JPAS, what does that mean?..BI is done/suitability part is done and just waiting on adj?
If i’m in SC now, does that mean I’ve been adjudicated?
If not, how long should I expect to wait to be adjudicated?

Welcome to the club my friend. Unless you have received notification from someone that you are Adjudicated at TS/SCI…sbu please correct me here…but I’m pretty sure you have to be granted SCI along with your TS to exist in SC. Are you sure you have been moved over? Not doubting you but if you’re in SC then you’ve been adjudicated, until that point you’re just another package in a pile waiting in the queue.

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How do you know this?

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does it normally take this long to get approved to post? 2 hours and waiting…

Thank you for the reply…Yes, I’m sure I am in SC. My contact can see my information. If I have been adjudicated for security, then I wonder if it would makes sense that the suitability adjudication is what is taking so long? I was told suitability comes before security, but I’ve read differently on here.

Sry tried replying twice it keeps saying pending approval?

These two processes are independent of each other and can occur simultaneously. Is this for a gov position?

yes a Gov position. 3 letter agency operational roll

Well if they can occur at the same time then I guess I am waiting on suitability. Thank you for the replies.

Ok. Just so you know there is no FSO for GS positions, they only apply to contractors.


I’m used to having a security office to reach out to with questions. Like I mentioned I’m new to IC way of doing things. My recruiter doesn’t know much until they tell him I’m able to attend the academy. I just wanted some clarification on the 2 adjudications.

They were able to use your existing TS/SCI from DoD and did not make you redo the investigation? A recruiter with a 3 letter agency told me that while I had an ongoing investigation for another DoD customer, they would be processing their own security/suitability.

Is there a “rule” or policy that you have to be told when you are adjudicated or is it up to the hiring agencies discretion? (ex. I was adjudicated in March, but they wait to tell me until May for whatever reason?)

I found out bc i ran into my security manager on the job a month after it was adjudicated. He did however, email me the moment I could schedule my indoc for SCI.

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Ironx, no i had a completely new investigation. My background finished in 5 months and I was in adjudication, but based on what I’ve heard if I’m in SC then I have been adjudicated for my clearance at least. Which is why I posted my most recent question about being told about it within a certain time frame.

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What determines when you can be indoc’d? Is that just whenever theres an available class? Was yours for contract and not a gov position?

Which one? Not sure if there are any open to IC. Is this fo a police officer?

5 months for an IC TS/SCI poly? That is pretty quick!