Non Adjudicated Case?

I have been in the adjudicated phase since the past February. Do they always let you know if your case is non adjudicated? Does any of you experience or know cases in which the person was never contacted back about his/her adjudication until the sponsoring company revoked the offer? Do you think I can still hope, after so long, in a positive adjudication?

Since Feb 2020? What, seven months? Unfortunately you are not even in the top 50% of lengthy adjudications.

Yes, a few people have reported having offers withdrawn when the sponsoring company got tired of waiting.

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Yes, February 2020. I already have a TS. Before I had the SCI as well, but it was closed so they needed to re-adjudicate. I thought that usually take between 20 and 100 days.

You may be reading the official timelines from the government websites. Very few real world timelines, measured using events visible to the subject, come anywhere close.


They use tricky math counting those days. Is it business days, calender days? Person work days…I can tell you adjudication is where the clog is now. Hiring loads of investigators pushed the clog to adjudication. In a contract change one of the large client agencies lost a lot of senior adjudicators. Downside of contract work. Ruthless in greater DC area.

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No, actually they pretty fast!

“They”…shall remain unnamed.

Well, I did not name them

@Amberbunny2 do you know if your former client accepts BI’s from other IC agencies. I’m not talking contractor reciprocity, but really direct hire government. I’ve heard that they do, and ive also heard no you start from scratch 100%. Not sure what’s true

If your clearance is in scope in JPAS or SC, it can cross over in 24 hours.