SCI DHS suitablity

Curious to know how hard is it to get DHS suitability for SCI? I if I was denied FS/Poly two years back with another federal agency,

Cannot offer any hard statistics but there are numerous stories of folks failing to get cleared with Agency A who later did get cleared with Agency B. DHS does their own clearances so that might help.

Of course you will need to disclose any previous denials of clearance but it is not necessarily a show stopper… that is unless whatever situation caused the previous denial is still an issue.

Apart from listing any previous denial, do I have to list down the reason or answer the objections raised in the SOR, in the revised SF-86-C as “changes”.

I don’t think so… just provide the information requested and they will dig up the rest and/or discuss it with you in person.

Kinda surprised they are using the SF86C.

You have not clearly stated what happened 2 years ago. I assume your were put in for a TS with SCI access, and based on the poly you were denied a TS or just the SCI access part? You know what the issues in the SOR were, it would be beneficial to you to disclose the reasons for why you were denied and anything that shows they no longer exist or are mitigated.

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Two years back I had a TS but was denied FS/Poly. My TS is still active till 2018. My current job needs an SCI with DHS and asked me to fill only SF-86 C. I am confused because that form doesn’t ask the reasons for the denial. I am not sure where should I list those reasons.

You will certainly be better served not only listing what the statement of reasons covers (I would include it) but speaking to mitigation factors. If it was purely financial, and your credit score is now 800 plus…bingo solved. If it involved recreational drug use as a youngster in your pre cleared life…and if it was from a young age…substantial life changes, you removed yourself from that life or cohort, etc…you may turn it around. If you are well past 35 you get less and less benefit of doubt.