"Failed" TS/SCI Poly 5 years ago, how does that affect Secret now?

Five years ago I “failed” a TS/SCI Poly. I don’t have a clue why, but they told me I was a no go. Now I’m looking at some DoD contract work needing a Secret. Would this issue create a “request for further information” to get my Secret Interim? This is the only thing I can think of that would cause an issue. I have no drug, criminal, work issues, and no issues with credit.

The only other thing is that when I submitted this last SF86 my family and I had been traveling the country in our RV for about 9 months so I have a ton of 2 and 3 week addresses, but I used my parent’s home as a permanent.

Thank you

As long as you did not receive a clearance denial you should be good to go.

Going to be a pain documenting each temp location. I plan on moving out of state shortly and staying in my RV for a year so I get to experience that as well. Did you get a statement of record? Did you keep it? I would verbatim cite their verbiage. If you threw it away…it always sounds suspect when someone says “I forgot what it said”. If you got an SOR you likely need disclose the denial. Some folks get suitability denial and there is a small chance you can legally say you were not denied and it is honest. It’s best if you state you were denied. Normally, most people have a basic understanding of what went wrong…what topic was an issue: recent recreational use, low credit, previous criminal acts, etc. Not saying you violated these, just that most folks know what made them more uncomfortable than standard discomfort on poly.

Thanks VelcroTech. If not a denial, what are alternative outcomes to failing the poly? I’m trying to think back to what the letter said.

Its usually a suitability denial unless you admitted to a felony like others have and then it could be a clearance denial.

Ok thanks for clearing that up. Man, I wish I had the letter they sent. I’m trying to see how to request my poly records from the CIA but their website says they wont confirm or deny the existence of polygraph records. How do I find out what the deal was?

CIA will neither confirm nor deny the existence of records on:

  • CIA operational activities.
  • Specific confidential or covert relationships (i.e., classified source).
  • Most organizational components.
  • Foreign nationals.
  • Polygraph records.
  • Names, official titles, salaries of CIA personnel.
  • Numbers of personnel employed by CIA.
  • Data relating to CIA budget and/or expenditures.
  • CIA facilities.
  • CIA liaison relationships with foreign governments. Information provided by a foreign government.

You dont need the polygraph records. If you were denied a clearance it would have said that.