Unknown CI Poly results and what to do if failed

Long story short, been on a project for one of the agencies for several years. Had a TS/SCI for years on another contract, then it went into loss of jurisdiction for several years. In between I switched companies to this new project, ended up having to do the SF86 all over again (twice) and finally got my collateral TS back late last year. Note that I can still work this project without a clearance, it just is a bit of demotion as you won’t be able to move up the ranks.

Finally had my CI poly this summer. Had to do it 3x, and it was, like others have mentioned, an awful experience where they ‘could not get a reading’, accused me of cheating, etc. The whole thing is ridiculous, of course: If I’m really a spy on the take from China or the next Edward Snowden, it’s strange that the agency would be happily running tons of software I’ve written, and continue to use as of today.

Anyway, never received an answer one way or another from the 3rd poly. I basically told them I was done doing more of them, and then got a call they’d not need me back. In JPAS, a month later, it show ‘N/A’ for poly.

I asked my FSO, and he said that probably what would happen is my TS would be dropped by the agency and end up as Loss of Jurisdiction status again. Not sure I’m willing to go through this again…

Two questions:

  1. Since I’m not interested in waiting blindly for the next several years, until one random day I’m told that my clearance was LOJ, and I would have to start all over, is it better I jump to a company / project BEFORE this happen so that my TS can be picked up by another agency?

  2. I know lawyers are helpful for revocations and appeals of clearances, but I’m not there yet. I spoke with one who offered to help with the poly issue $1500 retainer. Can they do much about a poly? At best, I’m just hoping I can push the process forward. If they are gonna revoke the clearance, let’s do it now while I have a lot of documentation to appeal it.

Thanks for any help.

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