Chances of Receiving a Secret

Previously, I applied to an IC agency which required an TS/SCI w/ FS Poly and omitted some of my drug use in which I came clean to the agency of my own free will later on. Recently received a suitabtlity denial (can’t appeal no SOR) for that agency and just got another offer that requires a secret for the army and I was wondering do I even have a chance of being granted a clearence or even bother with it?

Another question I have is, should I state on my new sf-86 that I did previously omitted some information and why?

I don’t think you need to make that comment on the form, I’m sure the investigator will bring it up.

Yes, I think you have a chance as long as the drug use is not too extensive and more than 12 months ago.

I don’t know how the questionnaire is worded these days, not sure if you need to mention the ‘suitability’ denial if the letter says you were not denied a clearance. Read the question carefully. May be worth mentioning even if the question does not specifically require it.