Previously attempted TS/SCI, denied. Now going for a Secret Clearance

Hello all,

I previously attempted to gain a TS/SCI as a contractor through NSA. Throughout that process, I filled out the SF-86 in paper format, and sent it into my sponsoring agency. Well, long story short, I was not granted my clearance due to circumstances that were unmitigated, I also failed the polygraph examination.

I am currently attempting to obtain a Secret clearance with the DoD. My main question is, do both of these organizations share previous clearance files? The current clearance I’m attempting to obtain is through the e-QIP program, where as my previous attempt was not. I’m wondering if the agency I’m currently attempting to gain a Secret clearance from has access to the previous background investigation that was completed.

The previous background investigation happened nearly two years ago. I believe this is enough time to have the previous unmitigated issues resolved. I’m somewhat concerned that the previous background investigation could impede my current attempt. Thank you all for your time.

Your past background investigation will be viewed along with your old sf-86.

The question is not whether there is a sharing of information between the agencies, but rather, are you going to fill out the SF-86 truthfully about being investigated previously and denied a clearance which is one of the questions.

Well yes, of course. I’ve got nothing to hide.