Reciprocate Secret DHS to DOD

About 8 years ago I was granted a secret with DHS after a SOR all revolving around foreign contacts, duel citizenship and potential divided loyalty. These issues were adjudicated in my favor and I independently renounced my duel citizenship officially. Never looked back. Recently I left DHS for a promotion in a DOD position.

I now have a new job with DOD and they said they cannot transfer the secret and no reciprocity. New investigation from scratch. Also no interim clearance for secret because “something flagged in my background”. I have absolutely no other issues legal, financial or other. I assume it is the foreign stuff again so immediately showed the security officer the documents from renouncing. They said I should just “go home” and they will let me know when the investigation is complete, no other info. What is going on and what can I do to be proactive? What is the current processing time for the secret with DOD?

Interesting… some kind of admin leave?

Anyway it seems like the fastest cases are going about 4-6 months. Not much you can do to be ‘proactive’ but hopefully having those documents handy will allow you to answer investigator questions promptly.

Were you given a start date with the DOD? Just because one agency grants you a clearance doesn’t mean another one will.

Admin leave. They said I was in processing purgatory and can not work until it is sorted out. They confirmed it was an overnight that was made by HR because they thought the DHS secret would be sufficient. It has been 8 months since I filled the SF86 and did the interview which was almost immediate and uneventful.

Date was June 1. But this issue was brought to my attention about 30 days ago. Did SF86 back in Nov2020. I am confident it will work out, the question is how long.