DOD Secret to DOS Secret

If you have a DOD (current) Secret, and wanting to get a DOS Secret-how long is the normal process? Packet was complete and submitted in Oct and has not been assigned as of first week of Nov. It is December now, Feb 2019 will be the 90 days mark for the next update. I wonder if anyone have any news about how it works. My Secret was granted by the military.
Thank you for your time,

Some years back I applied for a civil service position with State requiring a Secret clearance.

At that time I had a current/active TS/SCI with DoD as a contractor. But they started from scratch all over again. Took nine months.

In that time my situation changed and I turned down the job. If they had granted reciprocity in a timely manner I would have taken it.

Thank you for the info. According to my FSO, they have been processing around 8-10 months. The reason I am also asking as one of the team members applying for it (same position) got his paperwork done and ready within 5 mos. I can only imagine what feedbacks they will present come February…