Dont go off the FY18 1st quarter matrix

223 days since the process began, been in adjudication for 90 days…silence.
Waiting on a Department of State secret…clean record, no debt, no overseas travel(other than official government travel) no overseas contacts, held DoD, S, TS and TS/SCI in the past…simply waiting

Geez, what hope is there for any of us considering how long it is taking for you! (given your noncontroversial info)

this is why I scratch my head every day…

Well … the timeline is there for a reason, give people ‘little’ hope with a little asterisk *90% of the fastest cases.

If it makes you feel any better being at 223, I’m at 273 days and investigation is till open and pending. Met BI Dec 18, then Mar 18, now silently waiting.

I have a similar timeline for DoD secret. Investigation closed over 90 days ago. Except they cancelled my interim in March, and I still don’t know why.

I’m in similar boat, DOS secret submitted October 2017 roughly (in adjudication now). I thought DOS had a quicker turnaround. I waited 24 months for a DOD secret started in 2015.