Stopping Investigation

I’m currently processing for TS with DOS. I have an offer with DOS which I accepted. They did my personal interview and I’m pretty sure they also interviewed some friends and coworkers. Not sure where the adjudication process stands or how long it will be. Personal interview was two weeks ago.

I currently work for DOD with and hold an a active secret.

I think I’ve decided I don’t want to cross over to DOS and want to stay where I am.

If I withdraw my acceptance for the DOS job, what happens with the clearance? Will they continue investigating and take to adjudication or will it or stop?

If they continue investigation and adjudicate it and grant the TS, can I use it in the future with other agencies?

If they stop investigation and don’t adjudicate it, will that impact my current secret (last adjudicated 4 years ago)?

Following. Similar issue with a different agency. Don’t know answer.