Using DOS investigation for DHS adjudication

My case has been in the adjudication phase for 8 months with State. I was recently contacted by DHS about a job I applied for several months ago. It is my understanding that DHS would be able to take State’s background investigation on my and adjudicate my case for the DHS job “more quickly.” At least that is what they conveyed to me. Is this common practice?

Also, how is the adjudication process different for TS vs. TS/SCI?

Thank you.

If the adjudication at State is not yet complete, then DHS will do their own investigation.

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State’s adjudication began 8 months ago.

Excellent. as well. Somebody else posted some info about the horrible backlog at State for clearances… or maybe that was you?

DHS may be able to request a copy of the investigation, but they may want to do some of their own work. I guess it is up to their personnel security folks.