3 years in for IC adjudication...opportunity with DHS

Hey All,

I have some questions and was wondering if I can get some feedback from those in the know. I’ve been in adjudication for what’s about to be 3+ years for a TS/SCI w/poly from the IC next month. I know I’m not alone, but this is an absolutely atrocious timeline.

Anyway, life moves on. I’m working, but it’s not cleared. I’ve applied for other jobs in government, and was recently offered a role in DHS that requires a TS/SCI. I accepted!

Here’s my question - what does this mean for the clearance process? My understanding is both DHS and IC use scattered castles, so they’ll probably see me in the database.

Can another agency start, continue or pickup an investigation while one is pending?

It’s been 3 years with the IC clearance process, and I’ve lost faith it’ll ever happen. Call it cliché - but I want to serve my country and the line of work for both agencies is the same and is what I want to do.

3 years in, I’m debating on backing out of the tentative job offer with the IC entirely, and hope the process with DHS is must more expedient as I won’t need a poly, medical or psych exam. I suspect the IC will either: A. ask me to update SF-86 again, do medical and poly again or B. tell me to pound sand and withdraw the offer.

What’s everyone’s thoughts? I’m curious what an investigator/adjudicator would think about my situation. Any help is much appreciated.


DHS may be operating outside the usual inner workings of IC clearance processing so it may very well proceed. But don’t withdraw from the IC job, why not let it play out and see what happens.