IC Security Process After Investigation

I am currently undergoing two different security clearance processes for two different agencies in the intelligence community. After reading multiple articles, it seems that both of these agencies do in-house adjudication. I have completed polys and I know that my background investigators finished all of their work and the agencies have all the information from them. It has been a few months and I was just wondering if anyone knew what else is left for the agencies to do if everything is now in their hands. I have talked to recruiters and all they say is I am still processing in the security phase with no mention of adjudication.

It depends. Depends on the agency. Depends on if the adjudicator needed more info and kicked it back. Depends on if there was a second background investigator looking up info that you were unaware of. Depends on so many moving parts that it is hard to say why things take as long as they do. Just enjoy the ride.

I had my TS clearance adjudicated through OPM (took 9 months). Now, Unfortunately, I have been in SCI processing with this three digit intel agency since July! The whole process sucks with NO transparency or timeline to completion. I have started applying elsewhere and will take the first firm offer I receive. I don’t understand how they expect potential new employees to just sit around and wait.

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I was told straight up in my interview before even getting a CJO this process could take months or years. By the recruiter and then by the person I was interviewing with. The process is what it is. It gets done when it gets done. This is a dream job of mine so I will wait till they tell me it is ready. Early next month is roughly a year. If you need a job get a job. If you have a job keep your job. Patience and Candor.

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Both of the agencies require TS/SCI and the lack of transparency is the worst. I told both of them that I will take the first FJO I receive. I saw someone mention that you can only have one background investigation open at a time but I had a background investigator for each agency contact me and talk to multiple references during the same month. I know the footwork part of the investigations are complete so I just don’t know what the holdup is on getting to adjudication. I assume they would be able to let me know if I am in adjudication but maybe some agencies don’t mention that.

I have been told many times you can only have one open at a time. I think the IC is keeping secrets from others in the IC so you likely will be okay as all are loathe to share info with others in same community. I have read too many threads with two open and active investigations for it to be untrue. Is it costing money to track down the same references and vet you to the same degree? Yes. But I understand your self interest here. Now if one agency clears you but the other person based on their info denies…you may have a problem.

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