TS/SCI Investigation transfer within 2 agencies


I currently work at NIH with my job identified with TS/SCI clearance so I started this process in September of 2018. Timeline is the following:

Sept 6, 2018 - eQIP initiated (submitted a few days later)
Oct 17, 2018 - interview with a background investigator
Nov 14, 2018 - background investigator had a question
Then have not heard much at this point
May 22, 2019 - tentative offer from FEMA that requires TS/SCI
June 24(ish), 2019 - investigation closed (was told by FEMA that the investigation closed with NIH and FEMA ordered for the investigation to transfer to FEMA so they can assign an adjudicator for it)

I was told by FEMA personnel security that they should get the investigation by next week (first week of July 2019) and from then, it should take no longer than a couple weeks to be adjudicated.

Anyone have any idea how long I still have to wait? I have 2 job offers pending which are also great jobs and if I have to wait longer to be cleared at FEMA, I would have to let this job go because the other offers I got are also as great as this position. Any thoughts or recommendations?

Always good to have a few irons in the fire. I would sit back and entertain the best fit for you. How long to adjudicate is a tough question to answer. How convoluted is your history? If you essentially had a clean Equip (no drugs, no arrests, stellar credit, no foreign ties) it will be fairly straightforward. If you have dings all over…its gonna take a while. If you are relatively clean all over, I would look at the best financial and location to live. Once you are cleared each of those agencies will want to onboard you. It is a very tight job market right now and with full employment you get choices. Do any of them seem much better in pay and allowances and responsibilities than the others?

Hi, I just got an email from FEMA that my case was received by the agency from OPM because they took over it and it was assigned to adjudications for review. The security personnel said that hopefully a determination will be made very soon. She also added that this should not take long.

I have received about 3 job offers, I turned out 2 already and 1 is still open with FDA and it is with clearance as well. I previously held a Secret when I was a DoD contractor and I am fairly young so I have nothing bad in my background at all. I hope this goes well and the adjudication does not take too long for me!

If you know you have no bumps and bruises, credit is above a 650…I would think it happens very fast. By using government measurements anyway. I have seen folks go very quickly in adjudication, and others lag. Some go in fast…spend a few months, and some fly in and out, passing them up.

I was actually adjudicated just today, so it only took a week or maybe less? But now I am going through an SCI waiver so I can start my new job. Not sure how long that SCI waiver will take. A friend told me about a month ugh

A week in adjudication means you have zero to worry about and lived life to the high standard metric we use to determine suitability. That is a good thing.

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