TS vs Secret Process

Ok I turned my Eqip in, in March I finally talked to an investigator today about my “Secret”. The company that I was getting the clearance for isn’t responding to my emails so I guessed the moved on anyways. Today I got an email from another company they asked me do I have a secret with the ability to obtain a TS, what should I put I want the job. And should I tell them I’m literally talking to the Investigator right for my Secret so if y’all want him to do TS y’all should interject and talk to him now and can they do that I guess say cancel in the middle of my secret and go straight to TS investigation? But anyway what should I tell the company I want the Job.

I don’t think you can cancel the investigation at this point.

I’d say go ahead and pursue that job, see if they can sort it out :slight_smile:

What would you say to them?

Does not work that way. You can try doing the interview and see if it gets adjudicated for secret but TS requires different fieldwork and costs more money. It is up to the new employer if they want to submit the paperwork for TS.