Quit Job does security clearance stop

Hey all! I just quit my job for a better one I just started there and they just sent my paperwork to my past employers… but idk if she should send it back or shred it now that I quit?! Do they continue the investigation since I won’t need it anymore ? What do they do with my old information? Thanks for the help!

Your previous cleared location should submit the form to remove you from process. They do not always do that. So you may remain in the pipeline.

In case your company didn’t report your decision, whenever an investigator contacts you, tell them you found another job and don’t need the clearance/background investigation. They might ask a few questions to clarify your decision then should tell you thank you and go away.

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Oh damn I told my old job to just shred it because I don’t need it anymore I hope that doesn’t cause a issue

In my experience I left my job conducting my TS investigation and the investigation continued. 5 months into another job I was interviewed with my investigator and informed her I started a new job. My TS was still subimitted closed and adjudicated.

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Normal process is to stop investigations that are no longer needed. Sometimes a case proceeds unless the Subject specifically declines.

If you had the Subject Interview after no longer needing the clearance, your investigator must have been new or the case close to completion.

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