I messed up while working a job with a clearance, would I be ineligible to reactivate it?

I got employed at a company requiring a clearance, got it - no issues, worked there 5 years.
I went through a bad period in my life and delt with depression. I’ve treated it and am on the other side of it now.
During that period I ghosted my employer because I was overwhelmed. Resulting in me being fired, I did not go through any of the debriefing processes. I realize I ■■■■■■ up big time.
Is it safe to assume I’m out of luck when it comes to any jobs requiring a clearance from now on? I’d technically still have an inactive currently otherwise.

Just wanted to know while applying for jobs.

Thank you.

In most cases, the passage of time will mitigate any security concerns. But I’m not sure your clearance would have been pulled. You were terminated for cause and the company will probably tell the investigator that when they go to check on your employment records. Is that required to be reported through security channels? I don’t know.

I think you stand a pretty good chance of getting at least a secret clearance, especially if you have some good solid work history since this happened. But you’ll need to disclose the reason for leaving and be prepared to discuss it with the investigator because it sounds like something like this will trigger a subject interview (not all secret clearance investigations require one).

You clearance info on DISS will be admin debrief as compared to in person, will leave it at that. If its been less than 2yrs since you left and have had no issues, your clearance will be in tact, you may hear the term, loss of jurisdiction. Should you get a job offer that requires a clearance, the new employer may check and see what your status is, good luck!

For context, I had a secret clearance. To work in a similar role I’d need a secret again, low chance of needing a TS. It’s been less than a year since I was fired and I haven’t begun working elsewhere yet.
Would I still have an inactive secret at this point? Or would I expect to go through the full process again/and potentially have issues because of the circumstances?

Thank you.

Might as well plan on doing a new one and maybe get a pleasant surprise if they can pick up the previous clearance/investigation. Depends on whether that first company entered any “issue” into JPAS or DISS or whatever.