DOD TS/sci interim questions

Okay so I got a few questions.

  1. is there an interim sci? Or is it all one thing so interim ts/sci?

  2. is it interim at the same time or does one come after the other?

  3. how long does it normally take to interim?

We can’t move to our new location until interim is at least back. And to be honest we are miserable where we currently live. It’s a rush to get out!

Active duty marine corps
No crazy history
2 deployments
No foreign family
Currently hold secret
Eqip submitted 2-2-21
Fingerprints 2-5-21
Still waiting on ncis to get back with a polygraph.

Not that this is an authoritative answer, but I have not heard of anyone getting an interim SCI clearance other than uniformed service members (originally I was going to say “active duty” but I think reserve and guard might also qualify).

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There is no such thing as interim SAP or SCI because SAP and SCI are not clearances. They are additional accesses tacked on to existing clearances based on need-to-know.

SAP and SCI access can only be granted once the person already has a final clearance. For SAP in particular (and I am assuming also for SCI), you can’t even be submitted for access unless you already have a final clearance.


Incorrect, at least now. SAP access does require a fully adjudicated SCI-scoped Tier 5, but interim SCI clearance can be granted with a few specific requirements:

  1. a Tier 5 investigation must be currently open; if it’s closed, they will tell you no automatically and you have to wait for the full adjudication.
  2. An Advanced NAC must be completed
  3. your nominating SSO will send the interim request with a compelling need memo and the SF-86 under which your investigation is being conducted and ask for an interim determination.
  4. if the answer is no, there is no appelate authority, at least not if the granting agency is DoD.
  5. if granted, the member can be processed for indoctrination. there will be come control systems they are not eligible for until a full adjudication is completed, and some ISs are not usable until the full adjudication, but they should be able to get swipe access to their facility and not require an escort in most cases.