Interim SCI request question

My security officer submitted an interim SCI request on my behalf with a “not later than” date of Sep 14 to be granted interim due to an urgent requirement for me to have access (mission critical requirement). What is the likely hood it will get approved/granted by Sep 14? I will add I’m with the DOD (military) and the request was submitted to DONCAF today. I’ve heard a few different things about interim SCI’s taking substantially longer than ever but if the priority is high enough, the justification is thorough, and I have nothing derogatory, will that help with timely processing and getting it by the NLT date?

My interim TS/SCI was granted 2 days after my investigation was opened. I’m active duty military and my commander just signed off on it and it was granted. Idk if your process will be different.

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How long ago was this? My SSO informed me that the commander can only authorize up to an interim TS, not SCI. Was told that interim for SCI has to get approved by DONCAF.

This was September 2017. My paperwork said interim TS/SCI but at that time I wasn’t involved with any SCI or SAP material, only TS.

Ah ok that makes sense.

Hi-- I’m currently trying to get an interim SCI – a few of us in my shop need it in order to attend school. What was the process to get your commander to sign off on an interim? Did this require a CO, BA, or BDE- level Commander signature? Is there a memo or some sort of official guidance stating that your commander has the authority to grant an interim SCI, because right now all I can find in Army Regs is that this requires G2’s signature. How did the signature make its way to being recorded in JPAS?

Grateful for any help.