Interim Secret Clearance Job Change

Hi All,

I am being sponsored for secret clearance as a DoD contractor. I was recently granted an interim clearance. I have an opportunity now to take on a contract role while waiting for a position I’m after to open up. (Overseas IT role with specific 8570 certification requirements)

My question is if I take on this contract will this interfere at all with current investigation? What I was told is they will Cage me with their company code in JPAS and it will not interfere with ongoing investigation?

Is this true, and am I able to switch back to the other position once it opens up?


I don’t think it will interfere with the investigation. The only thing i’m wondering is if you sign a contract for a required amount of days/months and you want to change to another job, will you be able to transfer to new job without breaking contract? How long did it take to get your interim?

Took me 6 weeks to get interim. I’m not binded to any amount of time, just more concerned with the cage process.

Thanks for the response about the interim. I’m not sure about the cage term, I still don’t think it will interfere with the investigation. Good luck.