Question about changing companies with only interim secret clearance

Hello Everyone,

  First, I am new to the whole clearance thing:) Here is my situation:  I just received a DOD interim secret clearance as a contractor with company (A) but did not start working yet. Company (B) offered me a better pay and location. My quetion to you all is how easy is the "caging" of my interim clerance? 

Thank you so much!

I feel like this question was just asked in the last week, I would browse around…

I see it. Any one here went through the caging process? How smooth was it?

Thanks a million!

My investigation was moved but I didn’t have an interim. You really need to ask the new company if they are familiar with the process. If they are not, they can do what my company did, which was get JPAS support on the phone and have them help them through it. It seems like it is pretty simple but you are relying on them to get it right. Not those of us here.