Trying again for interim - different contractor

Hello everyone! A few months back, I was given a contingent offer for a IT position by a contractor. The offer was contingent on getting an interim clearance, which I did not get, thus the offer was rescinded. The officer I worked with at the contractor told me they didn’t see any reason for the denial in JPAS.

I recently interviewed with another contractor for an IT position and again, received a contingent offer based on me being able to obtain the interim Secret clearance. I have no bankruptcies or felonies and all debts are current. I do have a couple of family members from India (mom in law and sister in law) as foreign contacts, but I rarely ever talk with them (maybe once or twice a year). My spouse became A US citizen in August of this year m

Has anyone ever had luck being granted an interim secret clearance with foreign contacts, as I think this would be the only tough spot that I have for being granted one. I do plan to be extra extra detailed when I fill out an eQIP next, just to try and iron out any possible detail that an adjudicator could have.

Thank you for any advice or input in advance!

I cant comment on foreign contacts but under some conditions an interim is rarely granted while in other cases they are much easier to get. It is possible that the new contractor is supporting a different customer and it may be easier to get an interim.

I’ve never really understood the whys and wherefores of this. For quite some time I worked for a contractor which did not care if you had an interim because our contracts all required final secret clearance to have access to our closed areas. Before I started there, interims did not seem to be a big deal and the last person I knew who got one started work on Monday and had their interim that Friday. They had been put in for the clearance as soon as they accepted the offer, but it was still only a couple of weeks. That used to be the norm.