Clearance process being adjudicated. Am I toast?

I am being vetted for a job with a government contractor that requires secret clearance. I completed the e-QIP about two weeks ago and just received a notification that I will not be granted interim clearance because there is a police report associated with my fingerprints. I know what the report was about – a little over a year ago I overdosed on opioids, my wife called 911 and the police were the first on the scene. I survived (obviously), but a police report was filed. I didn’t realize that at the time because I was pretty out of it so I didn’t disclose that on the e-QIP because I legitimitely didn’t know a report existed. I am super worried if this incident will result in my being denied clearance. I have no other arrests/reports/criminal charges of any kind. This was basically a one-time major f*ck up on my part. Does any one have any ideas what my chances of being granted clearance are? Anything I can do or say to improve the likelihood? What should I expect? Any insight would be so helpful. Thanks!

Did you report your use of opioids on the form ?


The bigger question would be did you report what led to the police being called? Abusing drugs is a much bigger issue, IMO.

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Unfortunately no. It was a one time thing and I panicked.

So you lied on your form thinking you were not going to get caught.
I’d suggest looking for a job in the private sector.


Many people end up getting cleared who did not get an interim.

Somebody else pointed out that the relevant issue is not the police report but the opioid use. Was this a prescription that you had, and maybe you took too many? That’s one thing. But if you were taking opioids without a prescription or intentionally abused them, that’s going to be a problem.

Well…it isnt a 1 time thing. You were using…did not report. You OD’d…police called…and you claim you did not know the police were called? There was no follow up contact from police, no charges levied, no court appearance?

In the eyes of her clearance world you use drugs, covered it up, but certified everything was truthful. The cover up is almost always worse. Even if you learned your lesson and are drug free.

The risk here in clearing you is how you react to blackmail. If you knew you would lose your job…mortgage…etc if fired…would you give me information? You proved you would not be truthful and that you used drugs non legally.

If they simply stop the process and you do not get a denial you can reapply in 12 months. But opioids likely require 24 to 36 months of remaining clean. If you get a denial…the path is steeper. Not impossible…but steep.

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