Interim Secret - likelihood

Hello, I am interested in a job requiring Secret clearance (non-sensitive) (& also one requiring TS/SCI). I have a clean background all and all (a deferred judgment for public nuisance when I was 18, and an arrest for DUI when I was 22 but charge was reduced to non-alcohol careless driving). The only point of concern I have was that a client recently terminated my contract on the basis of e-mail misconduct (using company e-mail for private business development purposes). I will naturally disclose this incident in reprimand/suspension question on SF 86. I believe if fully adjudicated I could adequately explain that this was an inadvertent oversight and that other mitigating criteria (whole person assessment) exists. My question though is whether this will preclude or impede likelihood of being granted an interim clearance, as for S and TS/SCI? Thanks for any guidance and input here.

Hi, have you had the opportunity to read other similar threads? Similar questions have been asked and answered. Also, this forum has a pretty good search and find feature.

Nonetheless, I would not count on getting interim for both secret and TS/SCI, especially TS/SCI. It is highly likely that the agency that will adjudicate your TS/SCI eligibility will look closer at the e-mail misconduct–by the way, I think you should list it under Section 27 as well. As for the other offenses – public nuisance and DUI, read those “EVER” questions and answer them accordingly. Don’t sugarcoat those and stick with facts. FYI, adjudicators tend to look at original charges rather than the plea-down charges. I surmise that you are in for long haul. I suggest you to dig around on this forum on mitigating factors and read the Adjudicative Desktop Reference Book. I think it is possible that you can be successfully adjudicated based on the information provided. Good luck.

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I’m with the advice given above. The DUI will be treated as a DUI not a ticket for careless and the dismissal for misusing computer equipment will be looked at closely. I don’t see an interim clearance coming through.

You can clear but it will take time. How long? You need to plan on over a year for the Secret and two for the TS. It might come faster but I wouldn’t stake my financial life on it.

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How old are you now? How much time has passed since the DUI and the termination? Both are survivable but doubtful for interim clearance. Full clearance? Yes. But they need scope and weigh it. If all happened relatively at the same time and recently…you may not clear and they could want to see mature behavior for 2 or 3 years.