Going thru last Secret security clearance interview after 32 yrs service

I am scheduled for an interview for my last security clearance interview before I retire in four years, sched 10 Oct, I just got arrested for DUI 22 sept. I was contemplating only answering his questions and not telling him about my arrest, I haven’t been prosecuted yet and wont be for months. But I think I know the answer… Can you give me some advice

I have been a model employee, for over 30 years, I am 51

Did you report this to your security officer? That always seems to trip people up.

Man this is very unfortunate, so close to retirement. I think trying to “hide” it is not going to benefit you. If you are honest, they should consider how long you have been a “model employee” for 30 years. You will also have the guilt if you try to hide it. Honesty is always best, in my opinion.

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I haven’t yet, I just got off the phone with my union official, he says to
keep it to myself till I actually get convicted, I’m thinking this is
wrong, he also told me to contact EAP tell them what happened, discuss
current life issues(divorce, kids taken away) with them and get
counseling so there is a record

A DUI is not a show-stopper, lying about it or not disclosing it is!

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I understand that, immediate disclosure is what is required? can it wait a

Thank you very very much btw, for taking the time to correspond

The old saying :bad news does not get better with time" applies here. Better to get out in front of it before it is found out through other means. Start taking the actions and gathering information that will mitigate the incident. Look in the below link for the mitigating conditions under alcohol consumption and criminal conduct:

By way of adding to the discussion, I just wanted to repeat something interesting that I learned from these forums: if a person gets charged with a crime but the final charge is reduced, it is important to disclose the original charge when filling out security questionnaires.

Not report? Dumb. A DUI will not result in a loss of clearance. I have successfully cleared people with 2 DUI’s and I had three employees over 7 years arrested for DUI out of 340 on contract. All of them maintained a clearance. They did have to pay a lot of money in counseling, car breathalyzer equipment, random testing etc. But they maintained the clearance. Trust me, the government will see the arrest and you will lose a clearance for lack of candor or concealing.

I have an appointment with leadership tomorrow, I have counseling setup and
have contacted EAP, thank you very very much