Nuclear clearance

To all,
I had a DUI Expunge off my record, but I wasn’t convinced of it. When I fill out the paperwork I’m going to say that. I’m just wondering would that Effect me from getting the clearance.

How long ago? And yes, do list it under the police record, ever questions. Those things have a way of coming to the surface, even when expunged.

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It was 4 years ago. But it was a very low dui

Report it, answer the investigator’s questions and press on.

One DUI 4 years ago, by itself, is a minor speed bump as long as it is reported and there are no other underlying issues.

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Definitely report. Had a senior manager removed for not reporting the arrest for a DUI ten years earlier…the night court judge said “You do not meet the standards for DUI, we apologize and are sending you home.” He took it as the event never happened. But there was a legal record of the arrest. He was denied an upgrade to TS and lost his Secret clearance. Report it and explain it. Done. No worries.