Time to wait after DUI/DWI for clearance required postion?

I recently completed all court requirements for a DUI conviction (last year), and I am considering US government positions that require either Secret or Top Secret clearances. With no other blemishes (criminal, financial, behavior, etc) how long after completing court DUI requirements do I need to wait before I can obtain a Secret Clearance? 5years? 7years? And for a TS clearance, is it 10 years?


If all you have is one DUI then it will not prevent you from being granted a clearance regardless of when it happened.

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Question, I had a DUI while in the Army incident occurred on-post overseas late 2019 the charges that came from that (on-post ) military Police not Public PD were reckless driving, and Operating while suspened lisence (in Germany didnt know it had got suspended the week before) either way on my military Permanant records atleast i was charged Reckless and operating with no lisence. I had completed all my proceedings through military everything finalzied and since then continued my Army job that requiered Special access and Secret clearance even sent my required Incident paperwork to the U.S Department of Security office simply saying my name is cleared and it has not interfered with my job. I am now out of service fast forward 2021 and looking to go for jobs that requiere Secret which I have Active and other roles that want TS …will I run into any issues ? the Contract companies all Support the DoD just curious since my DUI isnt on my record was only on my military record , I should be in clear , right ?

The DUI is the issue, it doesn’t matter if if were on or off post.

Also, for a general statement, military police (all branches) are “real” police despite the common misconception among clearance candidates that omit crimes, to include DUI, that happened on military bases.

Understood, so back to my Original question given that incident stood ONLY in my military record overseas and had no affiliation to my U.S license record because a Military license and a CDL have no affiliation to one another as I confirmed between n2 different countries, will this issue be of issue if I apply for a TS role in the GOV sector. I am in good standing Military wise and my status is Honorably separating as we speak. Just wanna know if this will hinder me . Since my Clearance was never suspended the CAF office stateside confirmed my case was closed and I was good to continue my duties.

As long as you report the DUI on your SF86 and met the requirements of the DUI charge, there should be minimal issues.