Top Secret Interim after DUI


I had a DUI last year. Nothing else is on my record and everything else is simple in terms of no job issues, foreign relations, etc. I’ve worked in DOD for 3 years so this happened while having a secret clearance. I told FSO immediately, an investigation was done and I received a letter of warning with the case closed and clearance in tact. Probation is also complete and all paperwork is with the FSO. I may be needing a Top Secret clearance if I get a promotion and in the meantime may need an interim. I know those are more iffy to get due to the need for quick approval. I’m just curious if I would be denied because of the DUI or if it wouldn’t be an issue since this has already been investigated and closed by FSO.


It should not affect the TS upgrade if all is as you said. The issue is looked at the same for Secret and TS.


Thank you for your response. So this applies with the interims as well?


That is totally incumbent upon the agency granting it.


Marko is correct. I successfully achieved “zero to 60” TS with full scope Poly’s for several employees with DUI’s. Meaning from no clearance to fully cleared. One had 2 DUI’s. Each agency makes their own determinations and may have a higher standard on certain items. My client stands firm and fast on recreational drug use being more than 12 months behind a young person or it is rejected, and 18 months if they used another person’s prescription. If you are promoted and they request a new SF 86 for review, I highly recommend submitting a well written mitigation letter be included. Make sure you are in full compliance with ANY court ordered behavior such as refraining from all alcohol, counseling, therapy, 12 step program, paying of fines etc.