DUI with a Top / Secret Clearance

Hello folks I am new to this blog so here it goes. I currently have a TS SCI/SBI and a Secret and currently employed as a contractor. I have been a contractor for over 18 years supporting agencies such as: Army, Navy, Airforce, Defense Health Agency, Missile Defense Agency and NASA. Back in 1993 I recieved a DUI and most recently in 2021 of December 31 (way to kick in the New Year) I pulled over on an access road to call my sister to come get me because I had mix my high blood pressure medicine with 3 glasses of wine and not feeling well. Police pulled up and questioned me and the rest is history!! Long story short, I have hired a Lawyer to expunge the record. Because of COVID, cases have been backed up and now its going on a year and five months and still no court in site. My Lawyer has mentioned that we have a good case in having it dismissed. I am still emlployed as a contractor and I have reported to my FSO. Question is, will this cause me to loose my Top Secret and Secret clearance??


I would be surprised if you lost your clearance. I have seen a lot of TS cleared people get DUIs and maintain their clearances. More common was for the contracting company deciding to terminate the employee even though the clearance wasn’t pulled. But my memory isn’t great and some of those cases may have involved folks trying to conceal the offense.