Effect of DUI on active TS/SCI clearance

I am a government contractor who was recently arrested for DUI and this has been reported to my FSO. My lawyer believes it is likely I can plead to a lesser charge, but will receive still probation. The only other blemish on my SF-86 is a public intoxication arrest from ~2 years ago. Those charges were dismissed and the record expunged (but it is of course reported on my SF-86). I have had a clearance since ~2001 and have an active SCI through the Army. I have had a successful reinvestigation since the public intoxication arrest. What is likely to happen to my clearance now?


Because you now have a second alcohol related incident within 3 years there is a potential concern regarding alcohol abuse. You may be called in for an interview and have to explain your past and current alcohol use to determine if there is an issue.

Hey I was simply wondering if you can get your name removed the list at all. I don’t remember quite exactly but one of my friends hired a Los Angeles DUI attorney to get his name removed from the records. I am not sure how it works!

If you are fingerprinted those records will not go away

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