TS clearance concerns

I’ve had a TS for the last 18 years, 15 of those at the same government agency. Up until 2 years ago I had never been in trouble or had any incidents and that’s when I got a dui. It was adjudicated and everything was fine. Last week I got into a stupid fight and was charged with battery. No one was hurt and i received no alchohol charges. I’ve notified security and given a report. What are the chances I could lose my clearance over this? Thanks.

Two arrests in two years can be viewed as a trend in the wrong direction. Even if the second had no alcohol involved. I would expect a re-investigation request once the court finishes and a possible sit down with a government adjudicator. It is a good time to assess what you want in life and if you are on the right track. Living in the cleared world requires us to take a different path. If there was any drinking involved at all…I would self enroll in counseling and see if you can help mitigate the impact or find the root causes.

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