TS Clearance Question

Hey all. I was offered a position that requires TS clearance. I have up to this point work in public sector so the whole clearance process is an unknown for me.

I am concerned since I have had 2 Driving under the influence charges a while back. Both have been dismissed and not on my record. I will fully disclose on the sf86 form as I want to be as honest as possible. The dates were 2008 and 2000.

Will these two incidents cause issue with the clearance process? I have had zero incident since and nothing else on my records. Any guidance or recommendation would be greatly appreciated.

You will get some extra scrutiny, some extra records will be pulled and you will have to discuss both incidents with the investigator.

That being said, the passage of time, without repeated behavior is a significant mitigator for you.

Should not be a show stopper by any means.