2 alcohol related incidents 9 years apart

Amended charge wet reckless in NoVa in 2017 and another back in 2008. I am up for reinvestigation for TS. I now they will draw a line and say I have a problem. 2008 has been mitigated in two reinvestigations but this one in 2017 will cause issues. I feel the two are isolated incidents due to the nature of these incidents. I know everyone will think otherwise. What are the steps that lay out the nature and mitigation when there are two alcohol related issues. Feel free to ask me to elaborate. I am preparing for the worse.
I think the counseling I just received from an attorney was not the best. Thank you.

You are unclear as to what the “incidents” were.

If the 2017 incident involved the police, the court or otherwise, you most likely would have had to report it to your security office.
If you failed to to so, that in itself will be problematic.

Two DUIs that far apart will also be hard to mitigate as it appears you did not learn from the first incident.