Question about TS/SCI


When I get my TS/SCI will I get a polygraph? The reason why I ask this question is I am highly ticklish. I have nothing to hide I just do not want a false positive result.


I can state with absolute certainty you will not be tickled during the polygraph. And whether you like being tickled or not, you will not enjoy the polygraph.


Its anything that touches me. I heard the strap goes around the chest. I know it sounds odd but it does worry me.


The age-old evasive answer: “It depends.” Many people have had SCI access for years without ever having a poly.

I won’t comment on any specific aspects of the process but hopefully, if you ever do have to do it, you will get an experienced examiner who has encountered such problems before. They do seem to get an extensive amount of training.


Not sure if I am in the right place but I was given 2 DUIs that have been dismissed because they don’t have the labs back. They have until June 29 of this year to refile against me if they want to. I have never had anything like this on my records anywhere. My criminal history does show them and shows as dismissed. I do have some other thing from 1984-1988 that I have all the paperwork and the audit from dps criminal history division. Thier records were wrong for 31 years but she and I got them so now they are correct. How long would I have to wait if I need to get clearance of any kind? I don’t mind disclosing any of it as I am an extremely honest person. (Sometimes that even gets me in trouble…lol).

There are jobs a plenty here but most either want you to possess (I don’t have one) or be able to obtain one (that’s what I am wondering, could I with those DUIs that are not even convicted of, no plea, nothing just an allegation from the City and they are considered misdemeanor not felony) get a clearance? Thanks and let me know if I am in the wrong area for my question. Donna


Having a DUI is not an automatic disqualifier by any means. Having two (in a short period, it sounds like) could be a problem.

The other problem is that with these issues, contractors may be reluctant to put you in for a clearance if they do a prescreen and see those DUIs. That’s not the same as being denied a clearance, but the company probably would not want to take a chance that you would not get cleared.


I was charged with a DUI but never convicted. I met with my investigator. He asked me why I didn’t disclosed that I was charged. I told him my army recruiter told me to put down NO for this question. Being charged versus being convicted are two different things. You can be charged but not be convicted. I hope this helps you out. The recruiter was wrong, FYI!


Clearance adjudication considers the conduct that led to charges, not the final court disposition. Courts and lawyers accept pleas deals or look at police procedural errors. Adjudicators look at police reports and other information to determine if the conduct happened and what led to it or caused it. Just because the court dismissed the charge or reduced it to a reckless driving does not mean you didn’t drive under the influence.


Both DUIs were given to me at the same time. Also, oddly enough they said I was unsafe to drive yet they released me and let me go get my car from discount tire where I had it towed. They didn’t impound it.