If my TS gets denied do i still have my secret

Since I left the Navy in 2011 I’ve been working a contract requiring a secret clearance but my current job requires a TS/SCI. I got a DUI 2 years ago and I need to plan on getting another job just in case my TS/SCI gets denied. My investigator said it’s been closed out on their end and sent to OPM already, They review it and send it to the DOD. How long does it take for OPM to review it? I received my secret clearance while in the Navy and its still good for 2 more years. If i don’t get my TS/SCI will I still be able to keep my secret? thanks

If the only issue is one DUI then that should not prevent you form obtaining a TS, however, if there are other alcohol issues since or before then it could be a concern, especially for the SCI access process. OPM does not decide your case, they just send the completed report to DOD for adjudication. TS cases are prioritized so it should not be too long. As far as keeping a Secret, that depends. Did you report the DUI when it happened like you were supposed to ? If not that could be a problem as well.